How To Operate Slipway Winches In The Proper Way

If you own a slipway winch, you may be wondering if you are operating this in the proper manner. Some of them are constructed in a completely different way from others that are in the same industry. It could be due to the motor they are using, the console, or the control panel if you have one. Additionally, you may have other features that are not available on the basic units. These are going to have at least one drum, one that is going to operate horizontally. They can be quite powerful, capable of pulling several hundred tons, and here is a brief overview of how you operate one.

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A Basic Overview Of How They Work

On a basic level, these are going to consist of three specific components. There is the motor, the cable, and the spool. The motor is engaged which will allow you to use the controls to extend or retract the cable. This is done by rotating the spool. The controls on all of these are very simplistic because there are only two things that these can do when in motion. They can go forward or backward with the cable. Other factors you need to think about before purchasing one involve the parameters by which it was designed to provide you with features that may help your business.

Slipway Winch Parameters To Consider

Since these are used on boats primarily, you will typically utilize this type of winch when you are coming to dock, or if you are launching a boat from the ramp. This might be a shipyard, or it could be a simple port where you are coming in for lunch. These are going to be installed on larger vessels in most cases. They should have a load capacity of up to 100 tons. The drum capacity can handle well over 1000 m of cable. The speed of that drum rotating can deliver 20 m/m in some cases. If this is a double drum, then these parameters may shift, and they may also do the same if you are using a hydraulic motor instead of an electric one. They also have a diesel winches which might be more appropriate for your vessel which may have diesel fuel that can be used to power it.

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How To Use These In The Appropriate Manner

Using a slipway winch requires you to identify certain mechanisms on the console. The on off switch, the controls for speed, and the direction of the cable are the primary controls. You will also have emergency stops on most of these. This is purely for safety reasons. Most people can master how to use these within the hour, and regardless of the size of the slipway winch, it will function in the same capacity each time.

Learning how to use a slipway winches a very simplistic process. Even people who have never been on a boat before can do so. If you have had experience, perhaps with a winch that was on your truck, it operates in the same manner. The controls may be slightly different, but the mechanism and design of these winches will always remain the same. You can find videos on how to operate ones that you purchase, or the directions should suffice. It’s all about starting these winches, learning how to extend or retract the cable, and the rest is going to be just as easy to operate.